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DzNuts are a great way to clean up your Fairing or Lid mounted Hertz St25/St35 or DDB3 Horn. These Horn Rings replace the stock outer horn ring and have a much tighter thread to prevent the outer ring from vibrating and coming off. They hold down a steel screen/grill and also come with HydroSkin to adhere to the backside of the screen to help prevent excessive water from collecting in the bottom of the horn when mounted in a saddlebag lid. They come in Raw Aluminum or Black Anodized finish. The finish is a very smooth and clean surface, much nicer than stock OEM rings. DzNuts are 3/32 thicker than an OEM ring to allow room for the screen and the proper amount of threads for a tight and secure fit. 

The XBS-8 Grills Are An 8" Grill Originally Designed To Fit Over Hertz SV200.1 Or Memphis Mojo 8" Pro Audio Mid Drivers When Used With The Speed By Design Copy Cat Killer And Crazy 8 Lids For 2013/Down As Well As The Twisted 8 And Loud Daddy Lids For 2014/Up. These May Work With Other Manufacturers Lids Capable Of Supporting An 8" Speaker. 

The XBS-6.5 Grills Are Designed To Go On Fairing Lowers With 6.5" Speakers And Also The 2014/Up Batwing Fairing Speakers. They Match The XBS-8 Grills And Complete A Uniform Balanced Design For Your Speaker Covers. 


The XBS-8 And XBS-6.5 Grills Come With A Two Piece Aluminum Outer Ring In Either A Raw Finished Aluminum Or Black Anodized Coating And Hold The Steel Screen Mesh In Place. The Top 8 Spoke Grill Made Of Premium Acrylic Is Positioned On Top And Lined Up With The Machined Counterbored Holes And Secured With 4 Short Socket Head Stainless Bolts.  The Grill And Speaker Is Held Onto The Lid, Lower Or Fairing With 4 More Longer Socket Head Stainless Bolts And Secured With Locknuts And Washers On The Bottom Side Of The Lid. HydroSkin Is Included To Adhere To The Back Of The Mesh To Help Keep Water From Damaging The Speakers And Collecting In The Cone Or Saddlebag. All Hardware And Grill Material Is Included. The Outer Ring And Lower Grill/Screen Can Be Painted Or Powder Coated To Match The Paint/Design Of The Bike. The Top Grill Can Also Be Painted Solid Or Contrast To Match Trim Or A Theme On The Bike. 

The XBS-8 And XBS-6.5 Grills Have An Available LED Option To Light Up The Cone And Underside Of The Screen. The Kit Includes LED Strips With A Harness And, Quick Disconnects For Outside The Saddlebag, Inline Fuse, Battery Terminals And A Two Way On/Off Switch. The Available Light Colors Are HD Orange, Red, Blue, Green, And White.

All Painting And Powder Coating Will Be Done By The Customer/Painter. Grills/Rings Will Be Sent Raw With Mounting Hardware And All Components.